Sunday, May 15, 2011

Graduation Weekend

Well, the day I thought would never came finally has passed.  Before I talk about Graduation, I should really talk about Baccalaureate. 

I was selected to be one of 3 seniors who gave longer (five minute) reflections on graduation and our time at Witt.  I was really nervous right before, but according to Kayla and Natalie they couldn't tell.  I had a speech written out and I had every intention of sticking to it.  As usual, I did no such thing.  I began really well, but toward the middle of it, I just started ad libing.  After it was over, so many people told me it was really good.  Three or four people asked if I had any notes or anything like that.  I told them the truth.  Sarah Kelly, the Dean of Students, pull me aside afterward and told me that I probably had a future in public speaking, or motivational speaking.  I thought that was really cool. 

After Baccalaureate Dianne, Chris, Lydia, Kaisa, Mom, Dad, Sarah, Alex and I all went to Mike and Rosy's.   It was good.  They all left after dinner and I went home for a bit.  At like 7:30 I went over to Un Mundo to listen to some live music.  I got to spend some time with Sarah Page and her kids.  That was so cool. I haven't seen her and really talked with her in a long time.  I met up with the Berzins family at Un Mundo.  After the music was over, the Berzins parents went to the hotel and Lauren, Meredith and I went out to the reservoir.  It was fun hanging out with them.  They are both such characters.  So good!

OK, now for Graduation.  I wore my new flowery red dress and Sarah curled my hair.  The ceremony was inside, so that was a bummer, but it was pretty good otherwise.  We all lined up in the old gym.  I think I took approximately a million pictures with people.  When we all filed in you could tell everyone was excited.  It took me a while to find my parents and my aunts and cousins.  Eventually I did locate them, and I made many faces at mom during the ceremony.  We had a interesting moment during our class president's speech where she played our class song.  Apparently, our song is the Michael Jackson song from Free Willy.  Who knew?  During the song people would get up and dance every so often and the wave got going too.  It was hilarious.  The professors even did the wave on the stage. 

The ceremony was long, and the commencement speaker was interesting, but I nothing sticks out in my mind about his speech.  Maybe in the next couple of days the main thing I took from it will show itself.  I do have to brag for a moment though.  President Erickson mentioned me TWICE in his speech.  Once about my reflection, and again in reference to the Hope for Haiti weekend!  I was beaming!   When I went up and exchanged my marble for the empty diploma book President E complimented me once again on my reflection the day before.  I had no idea I was able to impress people like that with my public speaking abilities.  Now I know. 

We had an open house at the Ministry House and so many people were there.  Before that we all trekked up to third floor Hollenbeck to get pictures with Dr. Kaiser.  Once at the house I was able to sit down and talk with people.  A couple hours in I became incredibly overwhelmed.  I had not had nearly enough introvert time. 

After a while, everyone left and I finally got that down time I was craving.  Mom and I packed some of my stuff and they took it home for me.  At around 10:45 Kayla, Natalie, Aaron, Katie B and I all piled into Natalie's minivan. We went to Steak and Shake for my first real food all day.  It was so much fun. 

Now, I am listening to Songs We Sing and texting with my freshman (who is now a sophomore), Sarah.  It's the good life, and I am going to miss it.  Bring on real life!

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