Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Kitamu Coffee

A new coffee shop opened in the Tinapple shopping center in Hilliard recently. There used to be another coffee shop there, but they recently went out of business. I think the lack of traffic had to do with that. The shop is hard to notice from the road because it is in a little shopping center that I regularly just drive past without looking at it.

The new shop is called Kitamu Coffee.The name, according to their Twitter (@kitamucoffee) means tasty, which is an incredibly fitting name. There coffee was very good, which is to be expected since they get their coffee from Stauf's. I was very excited to see they have a pumpkin pie latte.

The shop itself is very warm. The burnt orange, browns and olive(ish) greens keep it very earthy, but make it warm and inviting as well. The walls are decorated with different styles of art. From photographs to an impressionist painting, different local artists are represented. While that is nice, the art doesn't really unify the whole shop. However, they have only been open for a week now; maybe that will become more cohesive with time.

I went to Kitamu twice over the long weekend. On Saturday, when I was working on my Race and Ethnicity midterm I was a little disappointed. This was only at first, and because the customers at the shop were literally 7 years (at least) younger than me. They were running around like maniacs, but then again that is exactly what my friends did in middle school and early high school. Once they left the shop was much quieter and a lot more pleasant.

The staff are fantastic. I was talking with the owner, Mahmood, about my midterm and then when I went back today we talked about fall. I was saying that I love fall, because the pumpkin lattes are available, unlike the rest of the year. He told me that the Kitamu staff is considering keeping that as a year-round flavor. That means I could get a pumpkin latte in the middle of July if I wanted to. Very little makes me happier. :) One of the baristas, Harris, is also quite friendly.

On a whole, I am really excited for this new coffee shop to be opening here in Hilliard. We need a quality independent shop that can compete with Starbucks. I'm hoping the word will spread and this shop can flourish.

Coffee: ☺☺☺☺☺
Staff: ☺☺☺☺☺
Location: ☺☺☺
Decor: ☺☺☺☺
Overall: ☺☺☺☺

Sunday, October 10, 2010


Well, over the next two weekends my family is going to be moving. We didn't end up being able to buy the house. I'm really not ok with this. I don't want to leave my house. We have so many friends near by. I don't want to have to try and restart making relationships with the neighbors. I don't want to have to have a different room, or driveway. I don't want to move.

I don't think its fair. I feel like bad stuff always happens to my family. Every time I think we might be about to catch a break the rug is yanked out from under us and bad shit starts all over again! I'm starting to worry that there will never be an end to it. Is this going to follow me into my adult life as well? Am I going to die a lonely and bitter woman who never had a chance to feel comfortable in her surroundings or her own skin? When will it end?

I have such big hopes and plans, but it's hard to think that I will achieve any of the goals I have set in front of myself. I don't know how to beat it. Dad always tells me he wants me to do better than he did. I don't know how to. I feel like I'm trapped where I am. I will never move up the socio-economic ladder. Not just that, but I will never have the opportunities that I hope and pray are available to me. What do I do with that? How do I fix that? I didn't choose to have all of this thrust onto my shoulders.

I don't feel smart enough to do anything about my desire to be a professor. I don't think I will ever be at that point. Professor just know everything. I don't. No one should listen to me, I have no authority. I act like I know whats happening, but I don't really feel like I do. I feel like it's a fluke that I have gotten this far. Is that possible? Could it be a mistake that I have done well in school?

I feel like I have so many lies to try and fight. Lies like I'm not smart, I am not pretty, I am not worth people's time, I am weak. How can I beat these when I am so tired and I don't feel like many people tell me otherwise? Sometimes I just want to give in to the melancholy and let it consume me. What would be the problem with that? Maybe that is who I really am, maybe my life will be less disappointing if I don't think anything good will ever happen to me. Then I won't be let down.