Monday, December 29, 2008

The Holy One Cries Out

My children, what has happened?
There is fighting in my peaceful city;
Bloodshed in my land of harmony.
What is the fighting over?
Who is right?
Who owns the land?
None of you are right.
I alone own the land
What is the reason?
Blood is not needed,
The temple is gone,
Yet the blood still flows
When will enough be enough?
I have not required blood for generations
Yet you still offer it up.
Though it is no longer the blood of lambs
Rather the blood of your brothers.
You curse the name of Cain
Then turn around and kill Abel again.
Your victim’s blood cries out
I hear them and will avenge


natalie said...

Woah. Intense and sweet poetry/thoughts Kate! Seperation from our brothers and sisters is a sick illusion. Ah i love your mind Kate! : )

Meiko777 said...

Kate!!!! Did you write this??? This is AWESOME! No joke!!