Thursday, January 29, 2009

A House Divided

So, we have a little unrest within the CWS team. The guy I switch with for drumming each week is annoyed that we hadn't cleared the every other week schedule with him. Well, I was really really upset about this. I had asked him on multiple occasions if he was OK with me drumming and each time he had said that it was cool with him. Well, out of the blue he decided it wasn't OK with him, and that he had been mislead by Sarah and me. Like I said, I wasn't happy about this. I finally realized that I needed to pray about this issue and to see if God will change my heart so I can forgive him for accusing him wrongly. As I was thinking about this, it hit me... we're under attack. CWS hasn't had any problems yet since I've been here, and now that we are starting to grow and we can see God moving in our midst this happens. It's too coincidental. We are becoming a threat, so Satan tried to split us up. A house divided cannot stand. It's a simple fact that Satan knows and uses to try and break us up. But how exciting is that?!? CWS is enough of a threat for Satan to pay attention to us! I'm so happy. I mean, the situation sucks, but it's better than being complacent.

OK, it really is time for bed now. I hope tomorrow this excitement is still here. lol. night!

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