Tuesday, January 6, 2009

40 Day Challenge, Day 1

I was surfing the web earlier today and came a crossed a photoblog. The photographer had done a 40 Day Photography Challenge. This challenge includes taking a photo a day and posting it, and maybe writing a little blurb about it. so, yeah. That's what I'm hoping to do. One photo, everyday, and hopefully a blurb about it. So, here is today's...

Day 1: Frozen Apples

You gotta love how the sleet looks on these half rotten apples...

ps: the inspiration for this challenge is found here.

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...its a photoblog, son. said...

im so excited to see you are also conducting a 40 day photo challenge! im looking forward to following your blog and seeing what you come across these next few weeks. something a photography friend from atlanta wrote to bethany and i before we started our photojourney is this:

"remember that in order to see the world (or the mundane scenery of your area) differently, all you have to do is change your perspective. Or it could be said, changing your perspective can cause you to see your world differently. now, the question is how does this relate to photography. how can we as photographers change our perspective on the world around us? And the biggest advice i can give to a person is to change your camera angle in order to show a perspective that the normal person does not venture to see because of the practicality of our bodies design, namely our normal line-of-sight. we tend to see the world from the line of sight our normal standing height gives us, always viewing everything from this point of view. try to see things from a bird's- eye- view or a worm's-eye- view. this simple change in camera height/angle can drastically alter our perception of the world and potentially turn the mundane into something interesting. i say all of this because you stated that you have to look for beauty because of your unchanging environment and im saying you dont have to look very far."

be encouraged and enjoy today!