Friday, May 8, 2009

One down, 3 to go

As of today I only have 3 exams standing between me and my summer break.

This has been a shit-tastic year. I mean, let's recap, shall we?

Grandma Russell died in the summer before coming back to school. I didn't let myself grieve until I was back on campus (idk why, it just happened that way) Because of that I had a time of depression of which I am still feeling the effects. That was basically the first half of the year. When second semester started I spent a good 3 months fighting off various forms of the flu/colds/bronchitus. After I was finally "better" one of my friends killed himself. I got over that and started kicking major ass on classes (go me) but then last week a kid I graduated with died after fighting a nasty form of cancer for over a year. So, it's kinda been a rough year.

Even though it had been a horrendous year I have still had some great memories. There have been many nights of star gazing, including one last month when we saw 3 shooting stars. There was my fantastic Fall Break trip to DC with Sarah, Alyssa and Amanda. That was an all around great time. I found an instrument I'm pretty good at (aka drums) and have loved playing for CWS. I've played frisbee in the rain with some great people and have had awesome conversations with friends.

I guess this year hasn't been too terrible. I should remember that as it comes to a close.

I cannot wait for summer...

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