Friday, May 15, 2009


By no means do I have anything against Catholics. I mean, many of my good friends are or were Catholic. I have family that are as well. I don't think they are stupid, or obnoxious or anything of the sort. I just want to lay that out there before writing this next thing...

I WAS JUST PREACHED TO BY A CATHOLIC MAN OVER FACEBOOK!!!!! HE WAS TRYING TO CONVERT ME!!!! I mean, what the HELL???? I am Christian. For God's sake, I am Lutheran... we are Catholic, just spelled with an L!!!!

I have nothing against this man. And even though the all caps would lead you to believe otherwise, I am not even angry about this virtual encounter. I am just trying to figure out why people think what they believe is the legit, singular truth. This man was convinced I am missing out on some part of God's Kingdom by being *gasp* Lutheran. I mean, sure I am missing out on something, but so is he. He is missing out on what it means to be Lutheran, or Baptist, or Episcopalian, or what have you, just as I am missing out on things. I feel as though we get so used to thinking we are right that we can't stop and see that other people may be right too.

In other news...

I am home for the summer!!!! YAY!!! I have really missed it here. There is just something calming about being home (even when I'm crazy pissed at my sister). I love coming home and spending time with my family and friends. And Grant and I are home at the same time, which is so cool. OK, I think I'm gonna go make coffee. Catch you all later.

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