Sunday, August 10, 2008

Bob Evans+A Good Friend+Theology=A Good Time

So after church today my friend, Alina (who was also my guitar teacher) asked me if i wanted to go out to Bob Evans to get brunch and catch up. I have to admit I was a little hesitant at first; I mean we haven't actually talked much since I came back from Witt and was worried we weren't as close as last year. Last summer we had discovered that we really had the same thoughts about a lot of things and we meshed really well as friends. I was scared we had lost that since we hadn't seen each other in so long. Well, at first it was kinda awkward, but eventually we got into the swing of being around each other. It was honestly as if we hadn't been apart at all. We ended up spending like 2 hours at the Bob Evans. We talked about everything from drinking to how we see God. It was awesome. It's nice to know there are a couple of people who I will probably always click with really well. Plus, sometimes its just nice to go out with a friend, especially when it's someone who you don't have to work to get along with. I love that feeling. But now I need sleep. I only got like 1.5 hours last night so I'm pretty bushed. <3><

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Meiko777 said...

I'm glad you agree with me!!!! I can't stand to write anymore papers. It sounds like you had an amazing sunday morning!!! :-) I CANT WAIT TO SEE YOU EITHER!!!!! <3 Hey you're on campus as I write this. =P