Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Pinterest Night

Tonight was a good night.  Andrea came home for Thanksgiving break, and for the last week we have been planning a pinterest/movie night.  I wanted to make ornaments for my cousins this year, and thought that tonight would be the perfect night for that.  Turns out I was right.  So, with Elf in the DVD player and Andrea reciting every other line I set up my craft stuff.  

These are my (mostly) finished ornaments.

To make them I combined two different pinterest ornaments.  First I started with the Crayon Drip Ornament (found here).  To make them, you take a clear glass ornament and take the top part off.  Then you drop a couple chunks of crayons into them and use your hairdryer on high to heat up the crayon.  As the way melts turn the ornament to spread the color out.  Warning:  The ornaments get really hot so be sure you are moving them around a lot so you don’t burn yourself, and just use common sense.

After that part was done I felt like the ornaments didn’t look finished.  I really wanted to make them sparkly, so I followed the directions I pinned for the No-Mess Glitter Ornaments (found here).  Basically you take floor wax and coat the inside of the bulb, making sure you pour out the excess floor wax.  Then you put glitter in and shake until it is well coated.  The floor wax makes the glitter stay and since the glitter is inside the ornament there is pretty much no mess.  It’s a win-win.

While we watched the genius that is Elf, we also ate some Peppermint White Chocolate popcorn.  (Inspired by this)  The first two bags of popcorn I made were and epic fail.  The first was burnt and the second didn’t pop all the way.  I made Andrea make the next bag, and it turned out just right.  While the popcorn was in the microwave I unwrapped a handful of the peppermint kisses and tossed them in the popcorn when it was out and I put it in a bowl.  I mixed it all together while the popcorn was still hot.  We were all a little unsure about the popcorn before we tried it, but it was actually a lot better than we anticipated.  I was a fan.

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