Thursday, April 15, 2010

House Concert

Tonight was really great. Steph, Kay and I went to a Jenny and Tyler house concert. It was so good. I've been pumped for like a week for this. It's part of what has gotten me though the week.

Well, we didn't really think that it would be awkward to go to someones house that we have never met before, however, when we pulled up to the house and there were like 8 cars in the driveway... we had one of those moment where we weren't sure if this was a good idea.  But being being the brave women that we are, we of course went in because we had driven 30 minutes...  we weren't about to leave before checking it out.

Once in the backyard we started talking with Jenny (from Jenny and Tyler) and Katie (the woman who's house we were at). It was nice chatting and making new friends. Later, we met Tyler (from Jenny and Tyler) and he said that is was cool that we just came even though we knew no one. He said that they have been having a hard time getting outsiders to come.  It was really cool how chill the atmosphere was.  Not only did it not phase the home owner that we crashed, but Jenny and Tyler we so cool to talk to.  They are one of the most down to earth, and cute couple I've met in awhile. 

They played some new music that was a fabulous as their earlier stuff.  I loved their song, One Eyed Cat  Also a lot of their music had a cool social justice message to it.  I really appreciate that.  If someone has an audience then they have the power to create change in the world.  I think Jenny and Tyler have realized that and are using their music to not only share the love of God but also to challenge others to do the same.  That is so awesome! 

No lie, if you haven't listened to their music you HAVE to check them out! I'll link to their albums at the bottom of the post.  They are so good, and totally worth it.  Also, if you sign up for their mailing list on their website will get a free Acoustic Album sent to your email.  They don't really email out too often, so it's a good deal.

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