Friday, March 12, 2010

Why did the kid throw a clock?

Because he wanted to see time fly...

It is nearly the end of Spring Break of my Junior year. Where has all of this time gone??? For real. I feel like just last week I was sitting with my housemates behind our house just chillin' and enjoying the weather. Then I blinked and I only have a month and a half left in the school year. It is crazy how time works.

I turn 21 in approximately 4 days. I don't feel this old, but apparently I am. When I drove Sarah to school today I heard an Usher song that came out when I was in High School on the radio. That wouldn't have been a big deal but it was on the "retro music" segment of the morning show. When did 2004 become retro??? A little bit more understandable was when later in the day they called "All-Star" by Smash Mouth a blast from the past. I think it was released in like 1999, so like Elementary School. But dear God! I feel like an old fart. Music I grew up hearing debut on the radio is being called retro and old... what does that make me?

Anyways, yes. The big 2 1 is coming up. I know I should be really excited, but I don't really care that much. I mean, cool, I'll be able to legally drink with my friends, but my life won't really change that much. I don't see me being one of those people who turns 21 and goes wild and crazy. But only time will tell I guess.

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