Saturday, March 27, 2010

Campus Ministry House

Oh man... I am so pumped for next year!

Recently there had been talk about turning the former Chi O house into the Campus Ministry house. Well, guess who will be living there? If you guessed me, you are so right!

This is probably my only chance to live in a house with like 11 other Christians. We can make this so cool. The kitchen is wonderful, the bedrooms are huge, and there is so much more that is awesome about this house.

I really hope that campus recievs this well. I know there was a lot of animosity about the Chi Os getting kicked off. They didn't want to house to stay empty so somewhere along the lines the idea for a Campus Ministries house came into being, and now it's a reality.

Anyways, I'm really excited for it. I'm hoping to create a new blog where myself and oher members of the house post updates and keep people in the loop. It could be cool.

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