Sunday, April 12, 2009

Invisible Rope

So, last night my cousins and I were playing in the street with this crazy cool ball Brandon had. it bounced like a billion times as high as a normal ball, and with less effort. it was AMAZING!!!! But that wasn't what I wanted to talk about. While we were throwing the ball and Brandon had the brilliant idea to pull a prank on people driving by. He said he had seen on Youtube this prank called the Invisible Rope. Basically, you just act like you are playing tug of war acrossed the road. We had people stop and wait for us to drop the rope. It was fun. I know, it may seem really lame, but I love doing stuff like that, but I especially love doing that stuff with my crazy-ass cousins (and siblings). We really are a special breed... gotta love it.

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Meiko777 said...

KATE!!!!! I LMAO'D SO HARD AFTER READING THIS!!! That's actually pretty amazing! I think I have to try that one to show me the "ropes." HAHAHA I AM SO FUNNY! Sorry, bad pun. Anyway, ttyl!