Thursday, April 23, 2009

front page news

"Reported Suicide of Executive is Latest Shock at Freddie Mac"

I pick up the New York Times today and that is the first headline I see. It is front page news, I mean, it's right below the main picture above the fold; prime real estate as far as journalism goes. I realize that there is a recession going on and all that jazz, but why is his death on the front page of the New York Times??? I'm not saying that he was a bad man or not worthy of the front page, I'm saying that there are many suicides committed through out the week all a crossed the nation, why him? I mean Peter didn't make the front page. Other than his obituary, I don't recall him even making it in the paper at all. Once again, I don't care that this man made it on the front page, but am rather lamenting the fact that Peter did not.

I don't understand why one life is seemingly being valued as more important that another. We are all create equal, right? We are all made of the image of the same, living, God. Why, then, are some people mourned as a greater loss than others? Plus, don't you think the family of the man in the above article is hurting enough without seeing that on the front page? I read the article and it didn't seem to care that he had left people behind, but was more concerned with what it meant for the company. This was a man's life that he cut short because of who knows what. Screw the economy. Let the family grieve in peace!

I did not know Peter very well, but since his death life has become so very different. When I am with friends who were close to him I can still feel their hurt when he is mentioned. I can only imagine the fealings of grief and remorse that his family is still dealing with. My heart breaks for them and my friends who loved him. I wish their was something I could do for them to make it better, but there is nothing but prayer for me to offer them. So, I will give them that.

OK, enough of this emoness. catch you all later.

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