Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Julie & Julia

I just watched Julie & Julia tonight. It was really good. I felt a certain connection with the ladies in the movie because of my new-found love of cooking. I love it. It is a fantastic escape from a bad day in class or just a break from homework. And the best part of it? Its something I can do with and for other people. I mean, everyone needs to eat, so why not make enough to share?

The movie also re-kindled my desire to do something. Julia Child revolutionised the way people cooked. She made French cooking accessible to normal Americans like myself. I love that. And Julie decided to add something to her life to break out of the monotony.

I need that... I need to find a project to get out of the day after day routine. I would love to find something to do. Both women started their projects out of the need to do something. I need to find mine.

Maybe I'll stumble over one like these lovely ladies did. Who knows...

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