Monday, June 4, 2007

Stuck in the Crossfire

So here I stand,
Between to opposing sides
Stuck in the cross-fire
How can I escape unscathed?

I wanna stay on the side of the Lord
But it's so easy to be drawn away
The side of sin is much more appealing
At least it is on the surface.

I love Life so much
If that's true why do I keep going back
To the death that once ruled me?
Its not like it was good for me

Why do I do the stuff I do?
Why am I always caught in the middle?
Is the battle real?
Or is it just me?

I wish this was easier
I wanna make the right choices
But sometimes it's so hard
To stay focused on you

I need your strength and guidance
I need you to see me through the night
With out you I fear I'm lost
With out you there is no hope

I need you to pick me up
I've fallen so much
I don't want to get up
I need you to reach out your hand

Like a father picking up a fallen child
Please lift me out of the dirt I'm in
Please clean me off
Let me start anew, again

Why am I always choosing Death
And the sin that will destroy me
When I so clearly want Life
And the love it gives.


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